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    Is "wait as long as possible" your plan?

    Hi, we're Pinwheel!

    Your search for a healthy smartphone is over.

    ...and we're a bit different. We believe

    kids should have a phone.

    Hi, We're Pinwheel.

    Call us crazy, but we believe

    kids should have a phone.

    "Wait as long as possible"
    isn't a plan.

    End the drama, and

    raise a tech-responsible kid.

    Pinwheel is the best healthy smartphone for kids.

    No social media, ads, TV or mindless games. Mode changes. All settings managed from your phone, not theirs.

    Pinwheel is currently in Public Beta!

    Your child can now get a smartphone without becoming a screen zombie

    • Changes Modes Through the Day! School mode, night mode, free play mode, and as many others as you want change what's available to match your rhythms of life.
    • Promotes good habits and self-discipline with technology. Modes and Checklists keep kids on track and lock the phone.
    • No more researching apps. We curated the essential, non-addictive apps for kids. Just choose yes or no as they grow.
    • Safe! No social media, ads, internet browser, or workarounds.
    • Designed rugged for kids. Our rugged model is IP68 rated for water and dirt-resistance for free range explorers.
    • Grows up with your child! You can adjust the types of apps based on the age and maturity of your child.

    Builds Healthy Habits

    Kids love doing well, but sometimes it's hard! Checklist routines keep them on task when they need to be.

    Teaches Money Management

    A first digital wallet is something most of us didn't have. Get started with digital money!

    Promotes Well-Being

    Completely unique to Pinwheel, modes can match life with modes like morning, school, and bedtime.

    Screentime Solved

    Schedule locked time, academic time, music time, fitness time or make up your own!

    A first phone that grows with your child!

    Free Range Kids

    Age 7-9

    GPS Tracking - Approved Contacts - Mode Switching - Event Countdown -Task and Habit Tracker -Earn App Time - Duolingo - Always Safe


    Age 10-12

    First Mobile Wallet - Spotify Kids - Kid-Driven Artwork - Journaling -Emotional Vocabulary - Responsibilities and Privileges - Safelist Contact Groups

    Tech Pioneers

    Age 13+

    EQ Development - Self Awareness - Sports Training -  Musical Skills - Craft Tutorials - Personal Goals - Genuine Connections - Manage Money

    Built by Parents Who Care!

    Pinwheel was founded by successful software entrepreneurs that are also committed parents. They refused to allow their children to turn into screen zombies on phones.


    So, they created Pinwheel Phone for their own kids… and yours.

    Read the Founders' Stories

    Isaiah's Story

    Dane's Story

    Curated Kids Software

    Pinwheel OS

    We built and designed it from the ground up.

    To control the experience and guarantee

    safety and efficacy for your kids.




    and we believe our kids deserve custom-built

    tools to feed their curiosities and

    fuel everyday exploration.

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