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    5 Super Creative Things Kids Can Do During a Pandemic

    5 Super Creative Things Kids Can Do During a Pandemic

    Well, we just got the news. My kids are home for two more weeks AFTER Spring Break. We need some stuff to do!

    1) Kids build a scavenger hunt for adults. Explain that they need at least 20 items in their scavenger hunt, and that secret clues are helpful for the participants. This can easily take kids 3-4 hours to build, and takes you about 20 minutes to do it (and its fun!)  

    2) Kids write their own comic book. Explain that they need to invent a new super hero. They need to come up with the superpowers, the origin story, the costume, the sidekick and importantly the villain(s). Explain that drawings are super helpful so that people can understand their idea. Give them paper and art supplies and off they go! 

    3) Plan the family dinner. Dig up the cookbooks you inevitably have sitting around and tell the kids they need to come up with the whole dinner. They need a main dish, a side dish and a dessert. They have to look through the kitchen and find what is available for ingredients and match it to recipes in the book. Have them gather all the ingredients to one area in the fridge (the counter for dry goods) and then ask an adult to help them actually make it (depending on age!) 

    4) Design their own daily schedule and rewards. Instruct the kids that their daily schedule is super important and that you'd like to give them rewards if they can perfect their schedule. Have them come up with a whole week, every hour of everyday should be written out on paper. Tell them they get to come up with their own ideas for the rewards system. How many points should each successfully completed scheduled item be worth? What should they be able to buy with those points. It should all be written on paper so they can present it and explain their thinking at family meeting. 

    5) Room Remodel. Explain that we finally have time to consider redoing the furniture arrangement in their room. Tell them they need to draw out the room layout on paper (if you have big paper or large cardboard that could be more fun). Then tell them they need at least 3 ideas for a new layout. Prompt them to come up with new art ideas for the walls too and to work on those.

    Ok, there's five ideas that aren't screen time to keeps going during a pandemic! What are your hacks!?