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    I Saw Collin Kartchner's TED Talk. He Made a Key Error.

    I Saw Collin Kartchner's TED Talk. He Made a Key Error.

    For those that aren't familiar, Collin Kartchner gave a TED Talk in Salt Lake City arguing that kids and phones don't mix. 

    Click here to watch it.

    He quoted statistics about suicide rates and shared heart-wrenching quotes from kids who feel they are competing with their parents' phones for their attention. He also told his personal story on the topic, which was a tear jerker. Plenty of emotional pull. 

    However, Kartchner made a critical error. He didn't create near enough distinction between social media and phones themselves! To be fair, the current ecosystems make it very hard to police your kids and give them a phone without also giving them social media (this is a big reason we're building Pinwheel).

    While I agree with him that social media is bad for kids, I don't think he gave a balanced and nuanced presentation, as some researchers are calling to question our blame of social media for every ill in the world.

    I think phones COULD be great for kids, and we need to make sure we aren't throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. 

    The real issue is that right now, there is not an easy way to take the good from technology and to avoid the bad. We all know our kids need to learn technology and that they'll use it throughout their lives, so how do we set them up for success?

    How do we teach our kids how to use technology, rather than just pretend it doesn't exist by giving them a flip phone (or nothing at all for as long as possible, as Kartchner suggests). Pinwheel is creating something new and desperately needed in this area! Until then, keep preachin' Collin, we can't wait to send you a Pinwheel.