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    Pinwheel's Response to Covid-19

    Pinwheel's Response to Covid-19

    Friends, partners, customers and fans, 

    We join the world in mourning for those we've lost, those we're losing everyday and those that will still yet lose their life to this pandemic. In addition to the loss of life, we recognize (and hear about from our followers) the daily struggles quarantine life has wrought upon us in so many ways. We first want to state unequivocally that we fully believe in the "flattening the curve" strategy, and have been out-of-the-office with all employees and contractors self-quarantined since well before our local government in Austin passed an ordinance demanding this action. We urge people everywhere to follow guidelines from the CDC and act in a moral and socially responsible manner to do your small part in stopping the spread.

    On a brighter note, we also hear the inspiring and uplifting stories from some about how this new (albeit temporary) way-of-life has brought them closer to their kids and allowed more parent-child time. It's a strange time, and I'm sure our culture will be changed in many ways. 

    At Pinwheel, when we set out to help parents in their quest to raise fulfilled humans through solving the kids "first phone" dilemma, we never imagined our industry would be thrust into the global limelight through these worldwide stay-at-home-orders. Parents and kids all are struggling to deal with work, school, home-school, creativity, art, music, wholesome connection with remote loved ones and friends and we sincerely regret that our much needed products aren't ALREADY IN YOUR HANDS! 

    Our contribution to the cause is simple. We are staying the course. From our garages and our home offices, our bedrooms and our closets, we are still building, inventing, crafting and striving. We're a small startup by head count, and pre-launch at the time of this writing in April 2020. However, we are determined to keep going towards our mission of helping YOU be the best caregiver for these awesome kiddos you can be. To that end, we altered our strategy in a couple of key ways.

    • We raised money from outsiders earlier than we planned (and closed on April 3rd, 2020).
    • We cancelled our flashy (and expensive) launch plans, and are building organically from a grassroots movement instead. We're blown away by the massive response, thank you! 
    • We have cut our expenses to keep our people working. 

    Truly great companies are born in dark times. Some say it's those dark times themselves that forge the steely foundation of a generationally defining company. We don't know if that's the case or not, but we know we're seeing our way through this because we have a mission and cause we believe in. Our kids futures are too important for anything less.

    Stay safe and healthy, and may God bless your home. 

    Dane Witbeck

    Chief Pinwheeler