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    Change, the only constant.

    Adaptability is one of the hallmarks of healthy children. Kids are uniquely equipped for change (it's part of being a kid!) and they're able to grow into new situations and scenarios with grace that us adults... well, let's just say adults could learn from children here. ;)

    Pinwheel took this to heart! We learned from kids' changing lives and built Pinwheel OS to be adaptable so that it grows with the child in a way that accentuates her well-being.

    What does actually mean in practice? Below are some of the specific ways children ages 6-12 benefit from Pinwheel's thoughtful adaptability.

    Her Interests

    What are the things your child is most interested in? No matter the answer, one thing is certain: your answer to that question today will be different one year from now! 

    She's changing by the day and so are her interests. We get it, keeping up with what your kid is "into" is a tall task. Heck, it seems like yesterday it was Peppa Pig and Big Bird. Then you blink and she's doing science projects and reading novels. 

    Pinwheel's app and content ecosystem was carefully curated to provide meaningful experiences for children. It enables them to explore their current passions and to develop and discover new ones.  All apps and content that make it onto our platform are hand-selected by parents and must meet our child-therapist criteria for being beneficial for kids. 

    With a wide range of titles spanning interest categories, Pinwheel is ready to go wherever her mind wants to take it. We'll be a resource for her changing interests, whether she started with Pinwheel at age 6, at age 12, or anywhere in between. Got a suggestion for an app or category we don't yet have that your kid would love? Tell us and help us grow! (That's part of being adaptable, ya know)?

    Most importantly, we want to make sure that she's building healthy tech habits, learning life skills, and growing holistically wherever her passions take her. Pinwheel is there for her every step of the way. 

    Her Schedule

    Extra Curricular Activities. Daily Routines. Bedtimes, Homework Times, Quiet Time... the time flies, and while it's doing so it changes.

    E = mc2 , ya know (she can explain). Anyway, the point here is that she's going to need a tool to manage her changing schedule. Pinwheel thought of that. 

    Pinwheel changes modes throughout the day so that it's always presenting the right set of contacts, apps, content, reminders, task trackers, and more to match her current status. 

    Parents set up these modes in an easy to use web interface (don't worry, Mr. Isaiah made it super intuitive and included some preset modes that parents love). Modes can be changed and adapted as her schedule and activities shift, making the phone individualized for her unique life. 

    Her Contacts

    From her 1st grade bestie to her 6th grade "special friend" (yeah it's painful to think of), from her crazy cousin to her doting Grandmother, knowing who, when, and how she's contacting people with her phone is a big deal. 

    When she's younger, you may want to limit those contacts to a select few and allow the list to grow as she does. But hey, that's up to you! You're the parent around here, and as long as we're living under your roof... you get to call the shots! :)

    What we're trying to say here is managing her changing contacts is a breeze with Pinwheel. 

    Questions, Ideas, Concerns (gasp!) On How Pinwheel grows and adapts with kids?  Let us know.