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    So it begins.

    Pinwheel is the phone equivalent of a balance bike.

    Both give kids an appropriate first step toward their eventual independence.

    Why Pinwheel?

    At Pinwheel, think in terms of stages of development, not strictly ages.


    Kids take on more responsibilities as they are capable of more, and are given more privileges as a result.


    Sometimes, our kids are introduced to devices when we give them ours to pass the time in line somewhere, or on a rainy day at home.


    When it's time for them to have a device of their own, we suddenly realize how difficult it is to make our grown-up devices safe for our kids. That's why Pinwheel was born.

    Pinwheel : for the Beginner

    Sturdy Phone
    A rugged, water-resistant, drop-resistant phone that can gives a younger, active kid more grace in handling.

    GPS Tracking
    Calm your nerves when they ride the bus or play at a neighbor's house. Know they are where they should be.

    Our built-in checklist feature makes it fun and easy for your child to develop greater independence in getting ready for school, doing their chores, and more.

    They'll learn how to use their phone as a tool, not a toy.

    The Pinwheel phone cannot send or receive calls or texts with any numbers you have not approved. No stranger danger here.

    Curated Apps
    Start small, grow with your child, and don't waste hours searching for healthy apps! See the apps >

    Ready to begin phone journey

    Needs close supervision & guidance

    Likely 6-10 years old

    Grows with Your Child

    As your child grows, you can customize the modes, routines, checklists, and apps to better reflect and support their current stage of development.

    Best of all? Because of our unique Caregiver Portal, all the configuration of a Pinwheel phone happens on YOUR computer — not on the phone itself.

    So you can make changes to the phone's settings and contacts, without ever having to have the physical phone in your hand. At this age, it may not matter much. But trust us: you'll appreciate it when they become adolescents.