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    Pinwheel and Bark

    Pinwheel VS Gabb Wireless

    Pinwheel and Bark

    How Bark Works is a monitoring service that alerts parents to concerning texts, messages, and activity. It monitors 6 email clients, 30 apps, and 3 browsers. It's focused on teens growing up and assumes there's social media and texting, for example.

    Bark Works with Pinwheel

    Pinwheel is focused on kids growing up. Pinwheel has no browsers or email clients, and no games or social media.


    The few apps and texting that work on Pinwheel may be monitored using Bark!

    • Texting content
    • Spotify
    • Messenger Kids


    Location Check-Ins: these work through Bark. You can also check on your child's location using Pinwheel, whether you have Bark or not.