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    Concierge Cell Ordering, by Pinwheel

    Here at Pinwheel, we strive to make tech better for kids, happier for parents — easier for the whole family. Pinwheel is not a cell service provider. We don’t have towers and networks like T-Mobile or AT&T and the rest. We offer a phone and software that allows your kid to have their first taste of digital independence, safely.


    However, we understand that one-stop shopping makes your life easier, so that’s what we are offering here!

    About the Cell Service Plan:

    It's a $15/month prepaid plan through T-Mobile.

    This comes with:

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • 2 GB of data

    It's a simple and straight-forward deal for cellular service from a trusted network provider that we have validated does work with Pinwheel.

    How to Get It:

    1. Select “Get Me a Plan” as an option at checkout. You’ll pay a one time price of $27.75. This covers the first month of cell service ($15), the SIM card ($10), and sales tax + cellular fees.


    2. We order the SIM card for you and it gets mailed to your door by T-Mobile separately from your Pinwheel phone. It comes loaded with the first 30 days of prepaid cell service. Look for a brown inconspicuous envelope (don’t throw it away!).


    3. Insert the SIM card into the Pinwheel phone and most of the time that is all you need to do. If you’re having trouble, contact T-Mobile directly via phone, online or in person at one of their many locations.


    4. Use your kid’s new phone number to sign up for your ongoing T-Mobile account to continue service beyond the first 30 days, and you’re all set.

    Can You Do It Yourself?

    Of course!

    Different Plan/Provider:

    If you’d like to order a SIM card and pick a plan yourself, that’s fine, too! You can get a SIM card from any compatible cell provider.


    T-Mobile DIY:

    If this plan sounds good to you, but you prefer to order it yourself, just go to, and select the $15/month plan under "T-Mobile Connect. Please select "Bring Your Own Device" and skip the IMEI compatibility check. Your phone will work on the network - we've checked!


    Porting a Phone Number:
    If your child already has a phone number and they wish to keep it, you’ll need to “port” the phone number to the new cellular plan. This is entirely possible and many customers have done it — but we cannot order a SIM card for you. We can only order SIM cards with *new* numbers!