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    Keep them safe and connected all year long with a Pinwheel.

    A smartphone built just for children.

    • Full parental control and monitoring
    • Therapist-curated, age-appropriate app library
    • Safelist-only calls and texts
    • Child-proof operating system, no work-arounds
    • GPS Tracking

    Get yours today!

    Devices start at $149 each + $15/ monthly.

    And just in time for the holidays!

    Monthly subscription for one phone is $15.

    Each additional device to your subscription is just $5/ month!!

    Therapist Approved Apps

    What Customers Are Saying

    After using Pinwheel for a few weeks my daughter is so happy with the digital independence she is developing; and I love that I get to have peace of mind knowing she is doing so in a safe and enriching digital environment.

    - Laralyn Smith

    You guys! Someone FINALLY DID IT! I can honestly say I’ve never been more impressed with a smartphone built for kids. This one has a HIGHLY curated list of apps you can approve, and set different modes throughout the day to open up different types of apps like music at night or reading during school. You HAVE to check this one out if you are in the market.

    - Sarah Kimmel

    Recently acquired a Pinwheel phone for my daughter and I can't say enough good things about it. Loving the fact I'm able to teach my child about how phones are tools and not toys.

    - Robert Stroud