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    Hi, we're Pinwheel!

    Hi, we're Pinwheel!

    The wellness-packed kid phone that's

    100% tool and 0% toy.

    The wellness-packed kid phone that's

    100% tool and 0% toy.

    A Therapist-Approved
    Kids Phone

    Pinwheel smartphones have no games, entertainment, app store, social media, or ads. Yes, we ripped the TV out of phones!


    What it does have aretherapist-approvedapps that can be used as tools to let yoube the one to teach your children how to appropriately use technology. It's a simple and easy way for you to introduce your child to the digital age.


    How the Pinwheel phone is unique:


    • It switches modes throughout the day to match your rhythm of life.
    • Promotes non-addictive, educational apps that have been hand selected by therapists.
    • And best of all? Itgrows upwith your child! You can adjust the types of apps based on the age and maturity of your kid.

    Built by Fathers Who Care!

    Pinwheel was started by two fathers, Dane Witbeck and Isaiah McPeak,

    who refused to allow their children to turn into screen zombies on their cellular phones.


    So, they created the Pinwheel smartphone for their own kids…and yours.

    A first phone that grows with your child!

    Free Range Kids

    Age 6-7

    GPS Tracking - Approved Contacts - Mode Switching - Event Countdown -Task and Habit Tracker -Earn App Time - Duolingo - Always Safe


    Age 8-9

    First Mobile Wallet - Spotify Kids - Kid-Driven Artwork - Journaling -Emotional Vocabulary - Responsibilities and Privileges - Whitelist Contact Groups

    Tech Pioneers

    Age 10+

    EQ Development - Self Awareness - Sports Training -Musical Skills - Craft Tutorials - Personal Goals - Genuine Connections - Manage Money

    Curated Kids Software

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