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    What Is It?

    Tasks & Rewards is Pinwheel’s built-in “to-do” lists that can be used to keep kids on track and optionally reward them for their success!



    Research shows using external rewards to kick-off a habit is OK, as long as 1) The child has bought-into the habit 2) The external reward is temporary and 3) The reasons why this habit is important are also communicated clearly.    

    Focus is Hard

    Children want to succeed, but staying focused is difficult. And they don’t always know what is expected of them! Let's help them with both through a simple to-do list approved by you and completed by them.                                                             

    How Does It Work

    Include Them

    Tasks & Rewards should be set up in partnership with your child (ie include them in the conversation about what they should be doing and when). 

    Parent Managed

    Parents create these lists and schedule when they appear (and if there is any reward attached to the routine) through the Parental Admin Panel.

    Operating System Feature

    These appear right on the home screens of their Pinwheel, they aren’t hidden inside an app.


    You’re the parent. Nobody knows your kids better than you. Pinwheel supports your family values by allowing you to implement Tasks & Rewards the way it makes sense for you.

    How Are Families Using It?

    Keep 'Em Practicing

    From sports to music to art. A reminder to stay on task doing even fun and creative things can be really helpful in keeping kids off screens and improving towards life goals. Achieving creates higher self-esteem, and improves well-being. 

    Morning/Night Routines

    From eating breakfast to remembering your homework. From brushing teeth to journaling what we're grateful for, routines in the morning and night are excellent healthy habits that kids find hard to focus on. A list can help, especially with a little incentive there to get the habit started.  

    After School

    Times of natural transition, like getting home for school, can be tough for kids. Deciding on a small routine with you beforehand can be a good way to ease this transition and help to build strong habits around these times of uncertainty. This can often be a simple checklist of things to put away followed by downtime (wind down) mode with nothing planned. 

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