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    As parents, we sometimes find ourselves hovering. We worry about the schedules and the tasks. We nag. Our kids hate it, and so do we.

    Did you brush your teeth yet?
    Soccer practice time! Do you have your cleats?
    Go! Practice your piano piece! NOW. You have a lesson tomorrow!



    So Pinwheel took something they want so much — a smartphone — and made it into a tool that helps you parent them well. Smart, right?

    How? The magic of modes.

    Pinwheel gives you the power to create modes for your child’s phone.

    Using our unique Caregiver Portal, you set up their phone to make things available when they’re ok to use, and to disappear when they’re not ok to use.

    Modes define what apps, which contacts, and what reminder checklists are visible to your kid at any particular time of day. Fully-customizable modes and to do lists give your child a phone that knows what they need to be doing as well as you do.


    As they mature, you can allow them the privilege of more freedom and trust and choices, by changing the permissions you give them.


    Your guidance, in the palm of their hand.

    You can't watch your kid every second, to make sure they are on task — even if you wanted to.

    And a Pinwheel isn't going to listen to Spotify during a class, or text a friend at 2am, if you said not to do those things.

    You set boundaries to support your child's healthy development.

    Pinwheel keeps them strong.