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    The Therapist Council

    We knew wellbeing had to be the core of the Pinwheel OS from the beginning. So therapists had to be a core part of the plan.

    Thankfully, the author of the book Tech Generation was local and agreed to join our team, along with two others. We've built a complete set of principles together.

    Childhood development and neuroscience research are guiding lights to everything Pinwheel. We curate the market for apps that meet our stringent standards.

    Pinwheel OS is really about childhood wellbeing. It's truly built by parents and therapists for ourselves and our own children.

    Social Wellbeing

    Connected media is for friends and family. Developing real connections with people we really know is the long-term game that beats social media's attention seeking, one-upping, and posting to strangers.

    Pinwheel's contact lists limit all communications to just people you know.

    Emotional Wellbeing

    There's a complete "wellness" category of apps, including Smiling Mind, Heartmath, Calm, Headspace, and kid yoga. One default mode is Unwind Mode, which lets the child choose from several quieting activities or apps to pick up the essential brain skill of returning to joy.

    Physical Wellbeing

    Sure, there are sports and fitness apps on the phone that focus on skill development for the main sports you'd expect... but the key part is getting kids off the phone to develop their physical, creative, free-wheeling selves. No, the hand-eye-coordination of video games argument doesn't work. Use Free Play mode to get kids outside and exploring!

    Spiritual Wellbeing

    Your family, your tech culture. 

    Use Pinwheel to build in your routines, special occasions, holidays, or Holy Days. Any scriptures, meditation, or audiobooks that suit your goals will fit. And... if getting to church on time has been a problem, try out the Get Ready for Church routine. And then automatically turn that phone off!