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    The Pinwheel Team

    Dane Witbeck


    Dane Witbeck is a serial startup founder and venture investor. He previously co-founded Meshify, an Internet-of-Things startup that builds hardware and software for residential and small business risk monitoring. Meshify was acquired in 2016 by publicly-traded insurer Munich RE (MUV2) out of Munich, Germany. Since 2016, he's supported 23 startups as a venture investor. Dane studied engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and then studied business at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. When not building startups, Dane can likely be found coaching a kids sports game, painting small nails, cooking with little helpers, or camping and 4x4ing in his '69 Bronco with the family.

    Isaiah McPeak


    Isaiah McPeak is a Master Yoda of building and scaling teams, product management, brain science, communications, teaching, and coaching, with an Aristotelian rhetoric twist. He has started six organizations (and 2 bands!), designed and shipped multiple B2B and B2C products, successfully been part of four startups raising pre-seed funding and journeying to or through growth stage (5 money raises, $6M total), personally sold over $35M in services and software, and coached CEOs and keynote speakers. He is coauthor of Upside Down Debate: A Deeper Why to Persuasion and frequent tech speaker and trainer in Austin, TX. He paints, musics, sews, dances, adventures, and road trips with his wife (a future Brené Brown!) and two daughters, 11 and 7.

    Sara Shipley

    Marketing Operations

    Sara Shipley is a people-focused leader with years of communication and research experience who is now moving into the worlds of management, business, and startups. Her vision is to lead teams to successfully accomplish goals that will serve others. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at age 18, and is now devoting her time and energy to building out projects that matter and building up her portfolio in the process. Initiating and organizing projects towards success is her forte, and helping people to achieve their goals is always at the core of that mission. When she’s not defining objectives or organizing something, Sara loves discovering new music and reading influential economists.

    Greta Crockett

    Product Manager & Designer

    Greta Crockett is a product designer passionate about business strategy and human-centered design. Previously, Greta has worked in Venture Capital and Corporate Strategy, fueling her passion for startups and entrepreneurship. Greta enjoys solving burning pain-points and creating intuitive user experiences that make people's lives better. When she's not problem-solving, she enjoys shooting film photography, discovering new music, and watching every film ever made.

    Bálint Deáki

    Senior Front End Engineer

    Bálint Deáki is a product-minded software engineer and UI/UX designer who has been building and designing software products for web, mobile, and desktop for a decade. He is a fan of working remotely and has helped companies on (almost) all continents to ship their products. In his free time, you can find him playing Lego or Magna-Tiles with his wife and 3 year old daughter, or building the newest addition to his alarmingly large collection of mechanical keyboards.

    Rubel Hasan

    Senior Back End Engineer

    Rubel Hasan is a true full stack developer who has been helping startups achieve success for many years. He is experienced in building highly scalable back-end services and modern front-end apps using Node, Golang, PHP, GraphQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, React, Redux, and AngularJS. He loves to work remotely which helps him maintain a good work-life balance, and when required, to give extra effort to meet tight deadlines. Besides technical expertise, he willingly takes any challenge for his project. Personally, he loves to spend time with friends and enjoys a long drive.

    Amit Surana

    Android Engineer

    Amit Surana is an Android firmware engineer and consultant. He has been customizing Android devices for over a decade to build toys, TVs, mirrors, or anything that has Android. Amit thinks BugDroid (the Android Mascot) is akin to an alien that is overtaking the entire universe with its power and openness towards technology.

    Sharifur Rahaman

    Software Engineer

    Sharifur Rahaman is an active contributor in the android developer community with an over 20K reputation in StackOverflow. While writing solid, independent and testable code, he always strives to upscale his codebase by following all modern mobile architectures. He is well versed with large android codebases, and is an expert in converting legacy code to reusable and maintainable projects. He likes to use his bicycle daily and go solo deep in the greeny villages, and his holidays are well spent with fish farming, catching fish and vegetable production.

    Advisory Board

    Dr. Rebecca Hubbard

    Therapist Council

    Rebecca Hubbard is a master's level Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been helping people with traumatic pasts for over 23 years. Rebecca is passionate about helping people of all ages live full and healthy lives. She has worked in a variety of settings (office, in-home, schools), including in the field as a first responder where she provided psychological first aid to children, families and adults who witnessed or were victims of violence and natural disasters.

    Dr. Mike Brooks

    Therapist Council

    Mike Brooks is a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology. He is the director of the Austin Psychology & Assessment Center (ApaCenter). He received his doctorate in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin. He has a wealth of expertise in technology and gaming addiction, positive psychology, the needs of children and teens, and effective parenting practices. He authored "Tech Generation," is a frequent presenter on the topic of families and tech, and maintains a website,, devoted to the challenge of living a balanced life in a technological world.

    John Shaw


    John Shaw was born and raised in Alabama, and studied computer science in U of A in Huntsville. He has been fascinated with the things modern technology can do ever since he got his first computer, and this contagious passion has become the driving force for the company he created after graduation. His mission is to keep developing great software to help people automate the most routine of tasks. His vision and technical expertise is what has made his company one of the leaders of the IT industry.

    Lewis Wight

    Technical/Business Advisor

    Lewis Wight is an entrepreneur, investor, leader and technologist currently serving as the CTO of Meshify/HSB at Munich RE (MUV2). He is an expert on controlling and monitoring remote devices over the internet. He combines business and engineering knowledge to lead technical teams in surmounting difficult architectural and organizational problems in order to achieve market-leading results. He studied engineering at Utah State University followed by business and leadership at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

    Jason Wasserman

    Financial/Operations Advisor

    Jason Wasserman is a leader with a proven track record of recruiting, developing, and retaining high performing teams to exceed targets in both domestic and international operations.

    Hall of Fame

    The following individuals have poured countless hours of time and energy into the Pinwheel mission, and we wouldn't be where we are now without them!

    Tat Whitley

    Growth Analyst

    Tat Whitley was a growth analyst intern at Pinwheel and is all things related to data. After two years as a high school teacher and coach, he pivoted towards marketing and finished his MS in Marketing in May 2020 from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. Growing up in Austin, TX, he loves attending Texas football games in the fall, being on the water, and playing on a club ultimate frisbee team.

    Kemi Odufowokan

    Affiliate Program Coordinator

    Kemi Odufowokan was an outreach intern at Pinwheel and is a lover of all things strategy and a ball of creative energy. She studies Global Business with a concentration in Business Analytics at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is passionate about community building and cultivates this as a Peer Adviser on her campus. In her free time, she is learning ballroom dance, practicing a language, or enjoying a blend of tea over a Barbie movie.

    Chi Whitley

    Content Creator

    Chi Whitley was a content production intern at Pinwheel and is diving headfirst into his content and growth marketing career. He has experience writing internal corporate communications, AP style articles, and creative fiction. Chi also taught pre-teen students for one year, and knows the emotional turbulence many kids face today. He enjoys working in fast-paced environments with others towards shared goals. Outside of work, you can catch Chi tossing a frisbee at Zilker Park, hiking in the hill country, or soaking up rays on Lake Austin.

    Chenchen Gu

    Product Designer

    Chenchen Gu was a product design intern at Pinwheel and is is an innovative and empathetic UX designer with an interdisciplinary and international perspective. She is currently getting her second masters degree at the University of Washington under the track of Master of Communication in Digital Media at the Communication Leadership Program. She has obtained a certificate in User Experience Design at Bellevue College, and is currently working towards the Web Design & Graphic Design certificates. Chenchen puts all her efforts, enthusiasm, and interdisciplinary experiences into pursuing a future career as a professional UX designer.

    Muthouazhagi Dhanapal

    Software Developer

    Muthouazhagi Dhanapal was a software engineering intern at Pinwheel. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston. She has a serious passion for software development and loves to work on projects that follow good practices and use top-notch technologies. Apart from her professional life, Muthouazhagi loves photography.

    Jugal Joshi

    Software Developer

    Jugal Joshi was a software engineering intern at Pinwheel and is your friendly neighborhood tech nerd who can help you from a toaster to a Tesla. He's a passionate software engineer currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science from Northeastern University. He has a knack for programming languages and under-the-hood tech of large scale distributed systems (Facebook, Netflix and AWS). Apart from being a full-time nerd, he is into gaming and soccer. You can find him clicking his mouse aggressively 120 times a minute or you can find him cheering his soccer team on the weekends.

    Paavan Patel

    Software Developer

    Paavan Patel was a software engineering intern at Pinwheel and is your go-to guy for all things tech. He is an ardent software engineer completing his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. He loves to leverage his skills to build projects that make an impact on people's lives. Outside of work, you can catch him playing Cricket or Badminton, or binging on Netflix.

    Dolly Somani

    Software Developer

    Dolly Somani was a software engineer intern at Pinwheel. She loves challenging herself and is always eager to learn new skills. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at Santa Clara University. Dolly is interested in coding and working on different projects. In her free time you will find her playing board games, doodling or dancing.