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    Kids Only

    The power of purpose-building only for kids is that you get tools that just work  and are simple to operate because we designed for you!

    The "others" use a band-aid on top of adult technology. That makes it confusing, frustrating, finicky and often broken.

    Pinwheel Caregiver (Parent) Tools are simple and just work.

    Works Immediately

    Right out-of-the-box a Pinwheel can be handed to your child worry-free. 

    Your setup of apps, modes, routines, wallet balance, rewards, contacts, one-touch lock and more are available on your phone if you need them.

    No passing their phone back and forth. Experience the ease of purpose-built kids tech.

    Control is There When You Need It

    One-Touch Lock

    Manage Screentime

    Look-Up GPS Location

    Approve Contacts

    Change Modes 

    Select Apps 

    Schedule Events 

    Manage Wallet 

    Set Up "To-Do's" & Rewards