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    Pinwheel and Adults

    If you're an adult browsing our site for yourself, this is the page for you.


    First, thank you for being here! Our guess is you're looking for an addiction-free minimalist phone. Thank you for being aligned with us philosophically.That being said, Pinwheel is really frustrating for adults, and every adult that has bought it has returned it.

    Two Reasons You Don't Want Pinwheel as an Adult (Hear Us Out)

    1. We have no way for you to get around our safelist of contacts, so it’s very impractical for an adult's life: job interviews, ordering pizza, the pharmacy, and so on.

    2. In addition, we can’t add apps that adults need and expect because we are designed for kids.

    Due to these issues, we have learned that Pinwheel phones are just not practical for adult use.

    This is tough because we know you are our kind of person! Someday we hope to have a great offering for adults, but Pinwheel is totally for kids. Thank you for being committed to digital wellness!


    We would love to keep you in the loop and if or when we have developed a product that works for adults, we will let you know.

    We'd encourage you to take a look at Light Phone or Techless!

    Keep me in the loop!