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    90% of the setup and management of a Pinwheel phone

    happens through the Pinwheel Caregiver Portal web page which you access from YOUR computer or phone, and not through the Pinwheel phone itself. Watch this short video to understand how you can set up a phone without the phone.

    Before you even buy a Pinwheel, try the Caregiver Portal.

    We invite you to set up a fully-functioning, FREE 30 Day Trial Account of the Caregiver Portal. Get familiar with it, check out the app boutique, customize some things to see how that would be for your family.If you decide to purchase a Pinwheel phone for your child, any setup or customizations you create in the Caregiver Portal can be loaded onto your kid's phone when it arrives — you don't have to start over.


    As always, our friendly LiveChat and support are here if you need personal assistance — just click the "chat" icon in the lower right hand corner!