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    Compatible Cellular Carriers

    Pinwheel phones are designed to be easily managed by parents, with a built-in operating system made specifically for the purpose.


    Pinwheel is NOT a cellular service provider. We choose phones which are compatible with many carriers. You have the freedom to choose your best plan and network coverage!



    The Regular Slim and Rugged phones are compatible with any GSM cellular service provider. The Slim also comes in a version compatible with Verizon's CDMA network.



    Our phones are "unlocked devices" — which means you can sign up for a plan and get a SIM card from your choice of carrier to fully activate your Pinwheel phone.


    Here's a known list of carriers that work (and don't work) with Pinwheel.

    Does NOT Work

    • Tello
    • Access Wireless
    • Sprint (it still does not work after the merge, more on that here)
    • Gabb
    • Xfinity Mobile
    • Boost Mobile

    Works with Pinwheel

    • T-Mobile*
    • AT&T
    • Mint Mobile
    • TracFone
    • Copper Valley Telecom
    • Consumer Cellular
    • Cricket
    • MetroPCS
    • Red Pocket
    • Verizon (requires the Verizon-version of the Slim!)
    • Ting Mobile


    1. If your carrier is not on this list, it's because we don't have extensive testing. It does not mean it doesn't work on your network.
    2. If your carrier does work and is not on this list, let us know and we will add it to help future customers, thanks!

    T-Mobile Connect

    Unlimited talk & text

    2 GB of data

    No Contract
    Monthly Prepaid Plan

    Convenient T-Mobile Starter Option

    Too busy to research cell plans right now?

    We can get you started with a T-Mobile Connect plan!


    • Select "Get Me a Plan" in checkout.
    • For the additional one-time $30 fee, we concierge order your cell plan for you.
    • T-Mobile will send a SIM card directly to you, prepaid for the first month of service.
    • Once it arrives, you put the SIM card in the Pinwheel.
    • Contact T-Mobile to set up your autopay billing and you're all set!





    Can I port my Gabb number?

    Yes. Porting a number is a legal right. Many of our customers port their number to T-Mobile or similar from Gabb or eleswhere. (If you choose the T-Mobile "Get Me a Plan" option, please note that we cannot order a SIM card for you with a ported number. If you order your own SIM card directly from T-Mobile or another compatible carrier, you can request to keep the same phone number.)


    Does a cellular provider change how Pinwheel works?

    Nope! Safelist, modes, apps, and everything else are governed by Pinwheel. A cellular provider is just the number, SIM card, and service area/plan. NOTE: Some carriers have a "kid plan" — those often have more limitations than Pinwheel and cause conflicts. We recommend a regular line!


    Can I use a discount service like Cricket or Mint Mobile?

    Yes, any GSM cellular service! See the list above.

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