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    Experience Startup Life in ATX

    Applications Are Now Closed for Summer 2020. If you've already applied, you will hear back by Friday June 5th.


    Pinwheel is founded by successful entrepreneurs and business people skilled in bringing software to market and gaining early traction. You'll work closely with Dane Witbeck, Isaiah McPeak and our team of veteran professionals. You'll set goals for yourself personally and for your work at the company. You'll receive hands-on support in achieving your learning goals and get specific and actionable feedback in a constructive and safe environment.


    Building out your network is crucial to a successful career. Interns at Pinwheel will benefit from our combined 50 years in successful business ventures. We know angel investors (because we are investors as well as entrepreneurs), venture capitalists, executives and professionals throughout the technology industry, but especially in Texas. Let's get your career started out on the right track in the technology industry.


    As a young professional, it's difficult to find opportunities where your work will actually matter! At Pinwheel, we're an early-stage startup and your work WILL BE the results. There's nothing like being responsible for an outcome and working like crazy to achieve it. Let's build a new future for kids with healthy technology, and build your resume to launch your career in the right direction.

    ATX Livin'

    Set in the Texas Hill Country, 15 minutes from downtown is a 6,500 square foot estate sitting on 2 acres.


    Interns will be accommodated in separated section, each with a private bedroom and either private bathroom or shared bathroom with one other intern of the same gender. We are accepting 3-6 interns.


    You can apply to work remotely as well!


    Time Left to Apply - June 3rd, 2020


    After Your Application - Zoom Interview

    Program Start Date : June 15th

    Program End Date : Sept. 4th (Flexible)

    The Work

    You can apply for an internship in 4 general tracks, however don't be discouraged if these topics don't fit your background or future goals perfectly. We can be flexible. If you have skills that can help and learning goals around startups, please consider applying!

    1. Product : Software Engineering

    2. Product : Design & Management

    3. Marketing : Analytical and Operations

    4 Marketing : Creative & Content  


    Find out more about each under "Roles Info"!


    Roles Info

    1. Product : Software Engineering

    What is Pinwheel's technology stack? What would I work on? 

    Pinwheel OS is built on Android Open Source Project (Java, C++), while the Caregiver (parents) side is built on a React.js front end. The backend that serves both clients is an AWS serverless stack (node.js, Golang). In addition, we have 3 Android apps that are in-house products that could be worked on (Java, React Native). We'll find the right project for you to learn by doing at the intersection of our company goals and your learning objectives. We're open to machine learning projects, for example, despite not having anything at present in this area.

    What Would I Learn?

    We are flexbile in finding the intersection of your interests and learning goals, and actual projects that will make a difference at Pinwheel.

    Who is my mentor?

    Dane Witbeck. See more about Dane below.

    2. Product: Design & Management

    What would I do and learn in Product Design & Management? 

    Here are a few of the product projects you may choose to jump in on and learn UI/UX design, wire framing, customer interviews, customer journey flows and more!  


    • Kids AppsWe have several kid apps that need to be both designed and built (different people usually perform these two functions). Tasks and responsibilities app, first mobile wallet app, habit builder, daily emotional health check in.
    • Delightful Kids OS Features – We have several principles of being playful with and delighting our 8-13yo users on the OS. Things like birthday countdowns, characters who reflect your emotions, building your own custom theme song, and more! We need UX and UI for designs and we need Android implementation.
    • Testing – We’re releasing weekly, sometimes daily. There’s no testing infrastructure. We need to automate some tests, and manually do others.
    • Parent App – We’ve built a complete parental control interface on the web, but it really needs to be a mobile app.


    Who is my mentor?

    Dane Witbeck. See more about Dane below.

    3. Marketing: Analytical & Operations

    What would I do and learn in this role?

    Here are some of the problems you can address within this role. Keep in mind we'll work together to identify projects that meet your learning goals and our company objectives.


    • Too Many Funnels – A screenshot of our funnels and tools would show you that it’s WAY TOO BIG for one person to manage. From content calendars to making sure pages are accurate to watching traffic flow through and optimizing to specific hypotheses and analytics, we’ve got to run a machine.
    • Testing Audiences and Content – We know what we’ve built is valuable. We don’t know exactly where all to reach audiences, including digital and non-digital experiences, and what all content will build trust. Presentations, public speaking, contests, local parties, equipping brand ambassadors—these are just some ideas we need to try in our core target audiences: tech dads, mothers raising free-range kids in a digital age, and split households.

    Growth Metrics – Part of a startup is about PROVING traction and blowing through the milestones of value-fit and product-market-fit, which includes dating venture capitalists and raising funds. Tracking and using growth metrics that matter, then optimizing based on results, is ultimately what we’re doing here to identify where the most value is for future growth. That we can convert 30% of a 1,000-person audience if they see our stuff is far more valuable than driving a million eyeballs, at this stage.

    Who is my mentor?

    Isaiah McPeak. Read more about Isaiah below.

    4. Marketing: Creative & Content

    What would I do and learn in this role?

    Creative content is so key to success in 2020! Get your creative on, because we're open to a number of ways you could ideate, produce, build and/or hire out creative assets. Here's a few areas you can start to think about!


    Must Start and Rhythmically Engage on Marketing Channels – Most of our digital channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, FB, others) aren’t set up yet or don’t have a coherent theme and purpose. We’ve got to consistently delight and deliver on some themes to attract and build an audience. This is not “promotion” or “advertising,” but content marketing: give more value than is received. We must become a reliable voice in family tech.


    Video - If you love to tell stories, you were born in the right age. We are open to providing tools and resources to produce all kinds of video content.


    Graphic Assets - Story-telling can be done digitally through graphic assets as well. You could use or learn graphic editors and produce some incredible content.


    Audio Content - Have you ever wondered what it would take to build a podcast with an engaged audience? Now's your chance to learn by doing!

    Who is my mentor?

    Isaiah McPeak is your mentor. Learn more about Isaiah Below.

    Mentor - Isaiah McPeak

    Using the power of neuroscience and classical philosophy, I help teams power-up *everything* by activating humanity in sales, interviews, marketing, speaking, hard conversations, presentations, product design, team building, and leadership.

    I'm an expert at product-market fit, unit economics, validation, and closing the first deals as founder.

    • Built and Led teams of 1 to 50, of all ages and experiences, including leading a P&L with 50 employees, 16 subcontractors, and 5 locations
    • Closed $40M+ in B2B deals as marketing and product leader, and built 3 successful B2C growth pipelines for consumer apps
    • Launched 5 major products, and led 500+ product releases
    • Managed and defined dozens of processes, from agile development to health insurance to customer success
    • Started six organizations
    • Communications coach for national champion debaters, keynote speakers, CEOs
    • Over 1 million words in print, published in books and blogs
    • Designed B2B and B2C software and UX, including a 4.5 star app on Android and iOS
    • Delivered over 1,000 professional presentations, speeches, or conference selections
    • Taught over 5,000 hours from a whiteboard; I do experiential teaching that engages the full person


    See more at

    Mentor - Dane Witbeck

    I'm the founder/CEO of an Austin-based kids and family tech startup, Pinwheel.

    As an investor myself (since 2016), I have made bets on more than 20 early stage startups in Austin, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Colorado/Utah and Los Angeles. In this capacity I have acted as a deal lead performing due diligence on behalf of others (CTAN) and have taken active operational roles alongside a founder for short stints to fill temporary gaps and source long-term talent when invited.

    Previously, I was President of Meshify, an Austin-based IoT technology company powering third party IoT solutions as a platform. I co-founded Meshify with Lewis Wight in 2010 and lead the team through seed funding, venture funding and eventual sale to HSB / Munich RE in 2016. At Meshify we landed more than 10,000 users on our software across 30+ enterprise use-cases, earned millions in revenue, hired more than 40 team members and finally returned 3x to 8x to investors depending on the timing of their investment. For two years post-acquisition I lead the Meshify strategy and growth under the HSB / Munich RE umbrella as well as advised on the overall IoT strategy at Corporate level. I also had the opportunity to be a key person on "other side of the table" (buy side) for a large M&A transaction.


    See more at


    Can I get school credit for this? 

    It is likely that you can. Please contact your school's administrative department in charge of internship credits to be sure. We will fill out the required paperwork and follow the necessary process as it is required by your school. If you would like more details on your particular situation, please email and submit your schools requirements.

    How much does it pay?

    While this is primarily and educational experience, we would love everyone to be able to participate. As such, we are providing a $2,000 stipend for the summer to cover food and other necessities. Your room is available (for those that are interested) and will include trash service, laundry service and a shared car will be available for your use. We provide the necessities of a simple life for these 12 weeks so you can focus on YOU and soak up Austin and the experience.

    Can you tell me more about the living situation? 

    The house is a large estate with upstairs and downstairs. The entire upstairs and a separate pool house will be dedicated to the internship program. This is a total of 6 private bedroom spaces and 4 full bathrooms. We are expecting between 2-6 on-site participants, so we can't tell you for certain about the shared bathroom situation. In the application you can indicate that you will not accept sharing a bathroom, and if we can accommodate you, we will. In addition to the bedrooms, there is a large living / kitchen area with a sectional couch and desks. This large space will be the working space. There is room to maintain social distance of six feet between work spaces as well, however if you have serious Covid-19 concerns, please consider applying as a remote applicant (which does not negatively affect your application). The CEO of Pinwheel will be living downstairs with his family. While this space will be kept separate, you should feel comfortable knowing kids are your near neighbors. If you would like more detailed information, we recommend you apply, and if we accept you we will provide as much detail as you'd like before you commit. It's a beautiful house, and the rooms, beds and bathrooms are luxury grade. You'll also have access to the pool, two firepits, a kitchen and the shared car. Downtown Austin is about 15-25 minutes away depending on traffic and your exact destination.

    Can you sponsor my visa?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor visas for international students.

    What are the working hours expected?

    It's a full-time program, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm with an hour lunch. You're also welcome to take 4 days off during the program for your own personal use.

    Not sure about coming on location? No problem, apply now and decide later!