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    The Wellness-Packed Kid Phone

    The Quality Smartphone for Kids

    • Real Solution: Lasts for years, grows up with the child, including apps and Pinwheel OS upgrades over age and stage development
    • No More Bad Cop: Parents aren't the "tech bad guy" anymore
    • Peace of Mind: No workarounds possible, safe safelist, and smart defaults
    • Phones are Good: Confidently teach a kid the life skill of using a phone well
    • Still a smartphone! Yes, it has bluetooth, works on wifi, and makes/receives calls, governed by Pinwheel OS.

    A "Win-Win" For Kids & Parents

    Pinwheel comes on two different phone models, one that’s slim and can have custom cases and the other that’s ruggedized and ready to take pictures while snorkeling.

    $149 for the Slim model and $249 for Rugged.

    Pinwheel is currently in Public Beta!

    The Wellness-Packed Kid's Phone

    Changes Modes During Day

    A mode determines which apps and which contacts are available during that time.

    Safelist-Only Calls/Texts

    Finally! No spam calls or texts from unapproved contacts. And contacts can change per mode.

    Message History

    Monitor your child's conversations as they learn healthy communication. Deleted texts still show.

    Curated Apps Only Show Up During the Right Modes

    Our therapist-approved app choices are only shown to parents, so you can choose which healthy apps are available when.


    Dr. Mike Brooks is author of the book Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World and a practicing therapist.


    Ad-Driven Apps*

    Social Media





    Unapproved Contacts

    Screen Zombie Kids

    *Note: Some apps, like Pandora, have ads but may be upgraded for a no-ad experience. We've allowed these for parents to choose at their own discretion.

    Pinwheel Reviews

    "Recently acquired a Pinwheel phone for my daughter and I can't say enough good things about it. Loving the fact I'm able to teach my child about how phones are tools not toys."

    Laralyn Smith

    "After using Pinwheel for a few weeks my daughter is so happy with the digital independence she is developing; and I love that I get to have peace of mind knowing she is doing so in a safe and enriching digital environment."

    Robert Stroud

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