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    Remember when you used a phone to just call people, watched TV on a TV, and played with friends outside?

    Smartphones have become our phone, TV, gaming console, virtual reality, tabloid, and Swiss Army Knife, all in one.

    It's not good for us to intend to do one thing, but check 50 other things on the way—that may explain the rise of mindfulness as we teach ourselves to resist the urge for dopamine hits. And we expect kids to do better than us adults? Not likely.

    It's not because tech is bad—from video conferencing to calculation to learning a language it's amazing! Yet there's no wall between the good and the bad

    Who will fix the tug of our joy-center, human connectedness, meaningful relationships, and creativity into a 5-inch device?

    It's an issue of incentives. The way Apple and Google make money is eyeballs and clicks. The more addictive the content, the more it's purchased, and the more they get their sweet 40% cuts of that dollar. Billions. If "apps" were a country, their $39B GDP would put them above 60% of countries. 

    So there needs to be a smartphone company that takes a stand for wellbeing, health, creativity, and joy. No TV, gaming, social media, posting to strangers, or mind-numbing escapes. Just neuroscience-backed healthy tech choices.  That's about 20-50 apps for the developing child—a new menu.

    Pinwheel is for free-range kids in a digital age, who use tech to create not consume.