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    Pinwheel's Mission

    Our mission is to re-purpose, re-imagine and to change the use of technology in peoples lives into experiences that support well-being in humans. We’re accomplishing our mission when our technology is very much subservient to humans rather than their master. We aim to build products and experiences that inspire the exploration of new ideas, help people to set and achieve life goals, enable authentic connection and guide to new and valuable perspectives.

    Why did you build the Pinwheel OS and Smartphone?

    Your kid is going to have a phone one day. There is a better way to introduce mobile technology so that your kiddo develops a healthy relationship with mobile devices from the start. Our goal is to provide technology that adds value to kids' daily growth with the realization that the best moments in life are lived outside the screen. As parents, we didn't want our kids growing up with only what is out there today, so we decided to build this needed future for all of us.

    Our Guiding Beliefs and Aspirations.

    Our products are therapist-endorsed, parent-approved, and kid-acclaimed because we've thought of kids in every aspect of our design process. We've reimagined the mobile experience for children from the ground up, and we are deeply committed to helping children thrive.

    • We are passionate about teaching our children to use tech as a tool while avoiding the pitfalls of screen addiction.
    • We believe in the mantra "let kids be kids"; fostering curiosity, discovery, authentic connection, and courage in a safe environment.
    • We provide a sense of relief to caregivers by helping them manage their child's digital and analog experiences.
    • We foster more “magic moments” between caregivers and kids: you know, the stuff memories are made of!
    • We believe in, and our built on, the input from certified therapists, caring parents, amazing kids, and forward-thinking technologists and we believe there is always more to learn.