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    Pinwheel Slim - $149

    The urban model for little superstars.

    A slim, quality phone with an established accessory line for endless customization of look and feel.

    • Accessorizable: All kinds of cases and accessories exist for this model, so you can gift or switch out kid-personalized style.
    • Screen Size: 5.45 inches (just a touch smaller than a Pixel or iPhone)
    • Fancy Cameras: 13MP Main Camera, 5MP Selfie Camera
    • Built For: Kids who aren’t taking a phone mountain biking, rafting, or through the jungle.

    Pinwheel Rugged - $249

    The daredevil model for little adventurers.

    A ruggedized phone that doubles as an underwater camera (no joke!).

    • Screen Size: 5 inches (half an inch less than a Pixel or iPhone)
    • Fancy Cameras: Sony 13MP Main Camera, 5MP Selfie Camera
    • Rugged: Dust, Splash, and Water Resistant (maximum depth of 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes) under IEC standard 60529 IP69K / IP68
    • Simple: No need to buy a case or screen protector.
    • Built For: Firefighters, construction crews, rock climbers, whitewater rafters, and adventurers. (Not sure about you, but our kids are all of those!)


    Let’s do a digital, non-infecting handshake: You're the customer, not the product. Because you buy from us, we won't sell your child’s privacy to third party advertisers to make money—a model that profits on children's addictive "engagement" in the screen.

    Cell and Software - $29.99/mo

    Get Pinwheel's cellular service plus the Pinwheel OS.

    Pinwheel Cell Service:

    • 2GB Data/month

    • Unlimited Talk and Text

    Powered by T-Mobile's nationwide 4G network.

    Software Only - $14.99/mo

    Get the Pinwheel OS and bring your own cellular service.

    Pinwheel cellular network compatibility:

    • Slim Model: Works on all networks!

    • Rugged Model: Works on T-Mobile/AT&T 4G LTE networks. DOES NOT work on Verizon or Sprint (CDMA networks)