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    Pinwheel's unique smartphone system has three parts:

    1: the phone itself, 2: the Pinwheel software subscription, and 3: a cellular service plan.


    We currently have two models of phones to choose from:

    Pinwheel Slim

    The sleek, grown-up looking model for careful kids.

    A slim, quality phone with an established accessory line for endless customization of look and feel.

    • Accessorizable: All kinds of cases and accessories exist for this model, so you can gift or switch out kid-personalized style.
    • Screen Size: 5.45 inches (just a touch smaller than a Pixel or iPhone)
    • Fancy Cameras: 13MP Main Camera, 5MP Selfie Camera
    • Best For:Kids who have earned your trust in taking care of physical objects, and aren't likely to step on, throw, or drown it.

    NOTE: Cases will automatically come up in checkout when you purchase a Slim model. (Or browse them here: Our Cases)

    Pinwheel Rugged

    The tough model for kids who are rougher on stuff.

    A ruggedized, waterproof phone that can be used as an underwater camera (no joke!).

    • Screen Size: 5 inches (half an inch less than a Pixel or iPhone)
    • Fancy Cameras: Sony 13MP Main Camera, 5MP Selfie Camera
    • Rugged: Dust, Splash, and Water Resistant (maximum depth of 1.5 meters/4.9 feet for up to 30 minutes) under IEC standard 60529 IP69K / IP68
    • Simple: No need to buy a case or screen protector.
    • Best For: Kids who may be still at the beginning stages of learning to care for a device, and may need the grace of the extra toughness when their adventures get rowdy.



    Your subscription is like subscribing to a parental control software or premium music streaming: you're paying for the zero-ads software team who design, maintain, and improve the following Pinwheel pillars:


    • Caregiver Portal – Settings for managing your child's safelist, modes, days, and apps.
    • App Curation – Our team constantly curates and integrates 3rd party apps, from finance to audio to chores.
    • Pinwheel OS – The phone itself is a working operating system, including parental overrides.


    • New Features – Group texting improvements, text history, and real-time GPS are just a few of the "new features" we've build as a software team. There are oh so many more, all influenced by our beloved customers :)

    CELLULAR SERVICE (price varies)

    A Pinwheel phone is an unlocked “Bring Your Own Device.” Order a line and SIM separately (note: you can port your number from Gabb to anywhere).

    Pinwheel Recommends


    T-Mobile prepaid plan with 2GB and unlimited talk/text for $15 per month. You can order through this link, and they'll mail you a SIM card.

    Or, you can use our "No Hassle" Cellular Ordering option during checkout, and we'll order the SIM card for you to get you started.

    Pinwheel Cellular Network Compatibility


    • Slim Model: Works on GSM networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, and so on, as well as the Verizon CDMA (with a charge for the more expensive version).
    • Rugged Model: Works on GSM networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, and their resellers.
    • Both: Sprint, CSpire, and other CDMA networks do not work.

    New! No-Hassle Cellular Ordering

    Too busy to research cell plans? We'll get you started, if you like. You can pay us for the initial month ($30 one time), and we'll concierge order your cell plan for you to send a SIM card directly to you. The plan will be the $15/month T-Mobile Connect prepaid plan. Once it arrives, you put the SIM card in the phone and contact T-Mobile to set up your autopay billing.

    Available in checkout now.

    Answers to Common Cellular Questions


    • Can I port my Gabb number? Yes. Porting a number is a legal right. Many of our customers port their number to T-Mobile or similar from Gabb. It's straightforward!
    • Does a cellular provider change how Pinwheel works? Nope! Safelist, modes, apps, and everything else are governed by Pinwheel. A cellular provider is just the number, SIM card, and service area/plan.
    • Can I use a discount service like Cricket or Mint Mobile?Yes, any GSM cellular service! Here's a complete list of compatible carriers.