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    Millennial Fathers are Getting it Right


          1. We don't "babysit," because we'refathers.

    1. We knowour kids using technology well is an essential part of their development in the 21st Century.

    2. "88% of millennial dads feel it's at least somewhat important to be the 'perfect dad,' a higher percentage than millennial moms.” —Think With Google research.

    3. We want to connect with our kids on tech: tinkering, texting, growing up.

    The research can give us confidence

    It's a little harder to "screw up" your kids than you think, and research shows that your father intuition is likely on point.


    The first email in our mini-series shares exactly that research, summarized by Dr. Mike Brooks, author of Tech Generation.

    Some things, only Dad knows

    Listen to these 45 seconds of a divorce attorney's TEDx talk. Fathers offer something special and different that kids also need..

    Reserve-for-a-Dollar FAQ's

    What apps are included on Pinwheel?

    We have selected 50 therapist-approved clean software applications that run on your Pinwheel Phone. You don't need all of them on the phone, and certainly not at the same time!Our parent tools allow you to select the apps that you want for your child and the times of day that these apps are available. There are a few apps that are always installed, the phone (which is limited on who it can contact also by Pinwheel Modes), text messaging (similarly limited), the calendar and the camera. If you'd like to know more about Pinwheel's Operating System Product, please click here.

    What if I want more apps? 

    You can request to add additional apps to the Pinwheel library. Pinwheel is based on Android, so there are certainly many compatible apps. However, every app we add to our library is available for all parents to provide to their children, so we are quite careful on which apps we will allow. We will let you know within 24 hours if your app request has been approved or not. If there's an app you "must have"please go ahead and request it now at this link.

    Tell me more about the hardware and how this Beta Program will work.

    As a tech company, the Pinwheel Operating System software is our main product, but of course software needs a phone on which to operate! The hardware is a brand new Google Pixel 3a device which costs $279.00 (the exact same as it costs from Google's website). We will also include a FREE case for kidsfor our early supporter customers. You will receive an email to select your phone color (black, white or purplish) and your kids case, as well as pay for the hardware about 30 days before your shipment goes out.  

    Option 1 - White

    Option 2 - Black

    Option 3 - Purplish

    Four Case Options

    What about the monthly cellular fees? How does that work?

    We have partnered with Sprint and T-mobile to bring you great cellular plans for kids. You can learn more about the cellular plans offered by looking at the table below. You don't need to decide on a plan today, you will sent a link via email to complete your checkout process right as your turn comes up to receive your Pinwheel Phone.