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    It goes without saying...

    but we’ll say it anyway: all of the other great things about Pinwheel go out the window if your child isn’t safe while using it. The features, the benefits, the membership: none of it matters without Safety. 

    So you’d better bet your bottom dollar (we did) that we’re actively thinking of children’s safety in all aspects of our product and platform.

    Geo Tracking

    When it comes to child safety, parents told us time and again that knowing where their child physically was at any given time of paramount importance. Pinhweel’s system makes that easy. You’ll be able to know that your kid is in a safe place, and you’ll be able to find him or her when needed. 

    While we make it easy for you, the parent, to know where your child is, we don’t open that data up to anyone else… nope, not happening. Only you know your child’s GPS coordinates via Pinwheel. We've got that info locked down like a fortress (with your help).

    SOS & Emergency Contacts

    With Pinwheel, your child is always able to contact emergency services and emergency contacts (you, for one).  You could tell him not to abuse the privelege, but one day you’ll be wishing he would just call his Mom more often, so count your blessings! :)

    Seriously though, having instant access to emergency services and contacts is invaluable. Empower your kid via the emergency connectivity provided with Pinwheel.


    Of course we live in a digital world, and this is a digital product, so safety extends beyond the physical. Digital safety is every bit as important. So Pinwheel takes the privacy of its users very seriously. We will never share the personally identifiable information of our users with anyone, period. 

    Here’s the God’s honest truth: our database of Parents and children is probably worth a lot of money. And there are a lot of companies out there who would love to buy or sell that information. But we’re not gonna do it. Never, nunca, jamais, mai, 决不, 決して, you get the point. Anyone who comes along asking can keep on movin’ because they’re just spinning their wheels (get it?). 

    No Ads, Browser, Or Social Media

    Emotional safety is so often overlooked because society tends to focus on the non-nuanced aspects of physical safety. But make no mistake, with issues like bullying, cyber creeps, brand targeting of minors, violent content, pornographic content so prevalent in the digital world, any digital device a child has access to needs to provide for their emotional safety as well. 

    Our child therapist council recognized this early on and helped guide us to develop a platform free of advertising, social media, and open internet browsing. Little Jack or Jill is going to have plenty of time for all of that nonsense later in life. For now, Let Kids Be Kids!

    See our privacy policy.

    Product Safety

    Since Pinwheel does include a physical device, we’d be remiss to not mention that your kid will be getting a certified safe device as part of their Pinwheel subscription. Pinwheel phones are tough, shatter resistant, shock resistant, water resistant, dust resistant… we are talking about a phone for kids, after all. 

    Plus we provide a protective case and you can also accessorize Pinwheel with a lanyard or armband to keep the phone securely on their person. 

    Now, teaching your child to not throw their Pinwheel at their little brother when he messes up their Lego set… that one’s on you.