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    Quality (Screen) Time

    In a digital era where smartphones are sometimes mistaken for human appendages, we want to make sure that your child grows up with a healthy understanding that the best parts of life are lived outside of the screen. 

    But limiting screentime isn’t enough! Screentime management apps are a dime a dozen, and sure, we do that too. More importantly, Pinwheel doesn’t just provide tools for minimizing screen time, it provides tools and experiences for maximizing the value of the screentime your child does have.

    Provides Direction

    With Pinwheel's unique "modes", a child's activities on the phone at any given time are limited to a set of tasks (if it's time for tasks) or free play (if it's play time).  

    When the timer is up, that's it, the phone switches to the next mode and the child must either put the phone down (if it's time for that) or go on to the next structured part of their daily schedule.

    We make it super easy to set up via our Parent portal, which comes included as part of your Pinwheel membership!

    Builds Healthy Human-Screen Reltionships

    You know how this works- the best way to develop healthy habits is through repetition and consistency. So we built that idea right into Pinwheel!

    As kids become accustomed to the structured routines and screentime limits built into Pinwheel, their expectations of what amount of screentime they need is shaped in a positive way. 

    As a result, your child will carry this healthy relationship with technology into adulthood!