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    First Digital Wallet

    Pinwheel supports you in teaching money management principles: budgeting for wantsneeds and giving and learning to budgetinvest and save. 

    Wants Vs. Needs

    Kids always want something shiny and new. Through their own digital wallet you can help them distinguish between spending on wants vs. needs.

    Teach Selflessness

    Kids have natural empathy and care deeply about their world and others. Help them to allocate money towards causes and inspire a lifelong love of giving back.

    Teach Grit By Saving

    Build the habit of saving at an early age. Few things build confidence and self-worth more than working hard for something, saving up for it and finally achieving a long-term goal.

    Independence by Investing

    Teach your little ones a basic understanding that your money can work for you is a powerful tool to build indepedence if you plan ahead.