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    Tool, not toy.

    The drama-free way to start your kid with tech that fuels healthy habits

    A Tool for Your Kids

    Pinwheel's got no games, entertainment, app store, social media, or ads. Yeah, we ripped the TV out of phones.


    What it does have are tool-like apps that let you be the one to teach them tech. Without fuss or research.


    It switches modes throughout the day to match your rhythm of life.


    And best of all? It grows up with your child! Pinwheel isn't static. It's just not dramatic.

    Built By Fathers Who Care

    Pinwheel was started by two fathers, Dane Witbeck and Isaiah McPeak, who refused to allow their children to turn into screen zombies on their cellular phones.


    So, they created the Pinwheel operating system for their own kids… and yours.

    Preview the Presets: