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    Kids need to build relationships with each other, not their phones.

    Creators, Not Consumers
    Curated apps that help life habits

    Not a Toy
    No TV, Games, Ads, or Social Media

    110% Wellness-Centered
    Curated by therapists for kids

    Still a Tool, Never a Toy

    10-12 year olds are launching their lifelong relationship habits, including their relationship with phones.


    Keep it real with apps like walkie talkie to safelist contacts, mode-switching through times of day (e.g. school mode, night mode, afternoon mode), and let them discover with ear trainers, sports training, and mindfulness for kids.

    Wellness That Just Works

    No ads, games, entertainment, app store, social media, or Internet browser. And the phone changes modes so at night and school there's nothing but emergency contacts until you change things.

    Social Without the Media

    Pinwheel only works with approved white-listed contacts, and even then only during times of the day where communication is approved. Parents help that communication stay safe.


    There are no browsers, no workarounds, no stranger calls, and no communications after lights out.