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    Caregiver Portal

    It's from Caregiver Portal that you'll manage all aspects of the phone. It's "" and you can use the "login" link on our site anytime.

    You may have already started it before, in which case you can skip this!

    There are some instructions inside of the Caregiver Portal on steps to take. If you have any problems at all, please click the Live Chat button and we'll be right there to assist you!

    Rolling Out the Phone

    • Unbox It: Oooh ahhhh.
    • Discuss phone care! Charging station, cases, breaking it, and any consequences. =)
    • Power Up and Log In: You'll need the child login info you created in Caregiver Portal! It's a username (not email) plus password.
    • Stick in the SIM. If you ordered cell with us, it may arrive a few days before or after the phone. If you have your own, it's the same: use the SIM needle to extract the slot, put it into the slot that goes deepest into the phone, slide it in. You should be good!
    • Or... Port Your Number. Please fill out this form and email or livechat your support team =)

    Some Recommendations

    • Less is More: Start with just a couple of apps. Let kids earn more, while keeping it easy on yourself to create a bunch of logins and accounts on any new apps!
    • No Email Needed! If one of the apps you want requires an email, you don't have to actually create an inbox if you use gmail. Just add "+anything" and it'll forward right to your inbox, like this: ""
    • Start Simple: The modes and contact groups can get confusing if you overplan at first. We recommend just a few schoolday and weekend modes at first, then build over time.