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    Pinwheel Rugged - Black

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    Ruggedized pinwheel phone with yellow accent.


    • IP68/69K rated (normally heavy industry use)
    • Water resistant - 30 mins, 1.5 meters
    • Dust resistant
    • Shock resistant (4 foot drop proof)
    • 4000 mAh battery
    • PinwheelOS (based on Android 10)
    • NFC chip
    • 13 MP rear camera / 5MP front
    • Fingerprint unlock opens PinwheelOS (no password for kids)
    • No additional case is needed.
    • Lanyard strap mount


    • The rubber plugs that provide water proofing are very tight. Some kids will struggle to remove/replace it on their own.
    • Work around: You can keep the plugs in a safe place (zip lock bag) and not use day-to-day and reinstall them for a beach trip or water park trip.
    • The sim card install takes a small tool because of water proofing (included).

    If you plan to bring your own plan, please note:

    • Works on T-Mobile/AT&T 4G LTE networks
    • DOES NOT work on Verizon or Sprint (CDMA networks)